This Is Our Story


Hi Guys,

We are Sander and Siouxsie, a travelcouple from Belgium. 


At the end of October 2020 we decided to share all of our pictures where we lost a part of ourselves on Instagram. As our page was growing, we decided to also share our stories. We will also post some articles about how we live and what we love doing. We think it's important that people are happy when they are travelling but also living your life at home. So we give you a cup of our story ;)

We also have a beautiful queen "Sheeba", we really love her so much.

I hope you enjoy our blog and don't hesitate following us on Instagram or contacting us, if you have a question, want a collaboration or just want to chat with us. :)


Thanks for your support and enjoy the reading ;)

Lots of love,

Sander and Siouxsie