5 hidden gems in Belgium

When we tell people we are from Belgium they immediately think of Brussels waffles, Bruges, Ghent and yes, our beer. Although we are very proud of this, there are a few places in Belgium that we also love. Sander and I love nature and less tourism. So today we share a few well-kept gems that you should definitely check out when you go exploring Belgium.

1. Dinant

We have already written an extensive article about Dinant, but this place should definitely be on our list. If you're looking for a city with a wonderful history, beautiful architecture and rich culture, this city is definitely worth a visit.

PS: The citadel is even more beautiful when you stand in front of it.

2. Neerijse: la vie en rose

We were looking for a romantic place and we certainly found it! Actually, we had started here by going for a nice walk in the woods, until the weather started to completely pass. The rain came on and we decided to drive somewhere else, until we suddenly came across a beautiful street on the road. We stopped for some pictures and these are definitely worth it.

Can you already hear the song 'La vie en Rose"? No? Then be sure to check out the following link:


3. Bouillon: "Le tombeau de géant"

If you go to Bouillon, we definitely recommend this place. The walk starts at a nice viewpoint over "le tombeau de géant", you go down along a forest and end up at the Semois.

4. Vresse-Sur-Semois

This brings us to the next destination on the Semois River. To be honest, we also found this place quite by chance by just driving to the Ardennes. The beautiful place seems not only to be a painting, but also has a special bridge. Namely "Pont de Claies", the bridge is only placed during the summer months and used to be used by the tobacco planters.

5. Onhaye Time does seem to have stood still here. Onhaye is definitely a place where we found peace. After a short walk we ended up next to the water and saw a beautiful castle. You can still visit the castle today.

Is there any place you think that also should be on the list?

Have a nice evening!

Sander & Siouxsie

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