A cozy autumn evening

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

When the days are getting colder outside, you can always make it warmer inside :)

Honestly, we just love autumn. All of the beautiful colors in nature, but especially the warmth inside. I'm writing this on my evening alone, Sander has gone to his training (Basketball). And I thought, why not just take some me-time?

It may sound crazy, but every time Sander leaves, I feel a little down. So I always do things that make me happy and keep me busy. I've started with a little 5-minute clean-up. Honestly, I hate to clean, but the feeling I get afterward is refreshing...

Then I did some workouts from Pamela Reif. Did you know, she has a free workout plan on her app? You can just add the workouts in your plan and then see every video of her. Her workouts are also available on YouTube. For me, her workouts keep me motivated, I also love the intensity of them and she just is such an inspiring person for me.

I knew Sander was gonna be home soon, so I thought, why not spoil him, with a little dessert. So I made him an easy Chocolate mousse with Nutella. For me, I just warmed up some red fruits with lime juice, honey and added some speculoos and mint.

Then I lit up the fireplace at our TV and watched a Halloween movie on Disney :)

What are your favorite occupations during a fall evening?

Let us know... :)

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