Dinant: The city of Saxophones, history and nature

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

As we can't travel far because of Covid, we decided to discover our own country Belgium...

We started our day driving towards Dinant, we saw some pictures of it online. When we were looking for a parking sport we immediately saw the beautiful Church.

We think the images speak for themselves, but if you ever visit Belgium, Dinant is a must see city!

We decided to go to the museum of the Citadel, it had an overview on the city and we really wanted to see this view...

After 408 stairs, we arrived upstairs...

We were so glad that we visited this museum. You really go back in time:

The best thing of the museum was the hall, were you heard everything from the war back then.

The view was also worth it:

The inside of the Churh in Dinant, is also worth a visit! They have one of the biggest glaswindows in the world:

Dinant is also known for a famous person: Adolph Sax. You will see saxophones everywhere in the city. There is also a little free museum about his life.

Would you visit Dinant?

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