Baiersbronn: a magical Winterwonderland

Updated: May 18, 2021

Baiersbronn, a little place in Germany, where our first journey began... and where we have been to the best Italian restaurant so far...

Hi Guys,

The first little journey we made together was in February 2018. We just wanted a little break from reality. Sander already went to Baiersbronn before with his family, therefore he knew where the beautiful places were. That's why we decided to go on a midweek to Baiersbronn.

Baiersbronn is a little village in the Black Forest in Germany. We went in February and there was a lot of snow, Siouxsie hadn't seen that much snow in her entire life (we are from Belgium, there isn't plenty of snow).

First things first...

When we arrived after a 6 hour drive. We were very hungry, so we stopped at a very cosy Café/Bakery ( There was a really friendly woman who served us some soup. Afterwards we went to our hotel ( We really loved the hotel, the people were so friendly. Our German wasn't that good, but they tried really hard to understand us, sometimes it were very funny conversations actually :) In the hotel there was a pooltable, sauna and relaxroom.


After checking in, we immediately drove to the Lotharpfad. It's a path that was made by the touristic service of Schwarzwald, after the storm "Lothar" destroyed this wood. As you can see on our pictures there was a lot of snow, but you still can see the restants of trees from that storm.

Fun fact: normally this is a short walk with a breathtaking view, but we got lost because the path wasn't very clear through the snow and it was getting dark. So I (👩) am a little scared of the dark, definitely in a dark forest. Sander kept on convincing me we were going the right way, after a while he ended up being right :) I was so glad when we got at the restaurant that evening, because I was starving from, the much longer than anticipated, walk.

The best Italian Restaurant

If you ever go to Baiersbronn, you must visit Ristorante Pizzeria Bell’Italia Mitteltal, this is not sponsored or anything, but we really ate the best italian food ever there!!! We were 5 days in Baiersbronn and 4 of them we went to this restaurant, really the food is delicious and it isn't expensive. The owner of the restaurant is also very nice.

And how cute are these wallpaintings?

We will post more about our adventure in Baiersbronn, have you ever been there?

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