La Palma: a first day at "La Isla Bonita"

Updated: Mar 25

As you know or maybe not, we adore La Palma. This summer we had the opportunity again to visit our favorite island and show everything to all of our followers.

We started our day with a short walk to the ocean. We just love the fresh air of the sea and the sound of waves ending their long journey from across the sea on the rocks.

As we had to adjust to the new warm climate, we decided to drink something at a local bar.

We stopped at Kiosk de la Zamora. It's a snackbar nearby the beach and you have this amazing view of the sea. As Siouxsie was craving for Canary potatoes with aioli, we ordered 2 portions, some bread, a big beer and a cola.

We're from Belgium, and the legend of Belgian people and beer is true.

Has anyone seen this type of cola before? We love the format and it tastes so much better then in Belgium :)

After a nice drink and amazing food, we decided to explore Zamora a little more. When you ever go to La Palma, you really should go here. The underwaterworld is very beautiful, but just the black beaches and the amazing rocks are something you have to see.

We also found this natural beach nearby the Kiosk....

Where we took our first selfie of our trip...

Afterwards, we went back to our hotel. On our way towards the hotel, we ran into a lot of friends...

Okay, we know some people may not love them, but we just think they are so cute. They are one of the things we miss in Belgium..

Would you visit Playa de Zamora? And do you love these little creatures?

Let us know...

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